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Mandates of DGM

article 1
  • To develop Research Policy for the University and provide regular Monitoring and Evaluation of the research activities in the University.
  • To manage the university internal research funds as well as any external funds made available for research.
  • To organize appropriate training programmes from time to time, for the University research community, that will enhance research managements and competitiveness, for grants to meet the requirements of funding agencies.
  • To monitor all research activities associated with the University and facilitate ethical conduct of research including financial accountability in the administration of grants and research related contracts.
  • To promote the publicity and feasibility of research activities in the University through the publication of the University Annual Research Reports and other publications that will show-case research excellence in the University.

DGM Goal

To encourage quality research activities in the University in line with its vision to be a centre of excellence in knowledge generation for global development and the sustenance of an environmentally friendly society. This is in addition to strengthening research and scholarship by staff and students in all areas that will benefit society at the local, national and global levels.

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